Hi, I’m Shannon!

Hi all! Welcome to Cookin With Shan. I thought this space would be a good place to share a bit more about myself. I was born and raised in Culver City, CA. In 2015 I moved to San Luis Obispo, CA to start my freshman year of college at Cal Poly SLO as a bio major. Unfortunately, during my second year there I was forced to move home due to some health issues. It took over a year to figure out what was going on (if you want to read more on that head to my instagram @chronicallyshan), and at that point I decided to stay home in LA to finish school and work. I’m currently attending Arizona State University through their online program as a Healthcare Coordination major as well as nannying part-time for an awesome kiddo.

My Mission

I’ve loved to cook and bake as far back as I can remember but really became more involved with it once I hit high school. I dabbled mostly in cookie and cupcake baking and stuck closely to recipes throughout high school. Once I hit college I began to experiment more with putting my own spin on recipes as well as creating my own.

Once I started to regain some functionality after getting sick, my love for cooking and baking blossomed and became an escape where I could tune out the world. I often say my love language is giving homemade baked goods to people and I stand by that whole heartedly. I’m really excited to start developing more of my own recipes!

Besides school and work, I have a year old australian shepherd named Murphy who is the love of my life. She keeps me on my toes and we go on lots of adventures together. I mean look at how freaking cute she is, how could I not be obsessed with her?! I love to stay active/workout and I’m a part of a running club that meets in downtown LA!